Need Rec: Book to teach about computers and BASIC at an eight year old level

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Trombetta wrote a book
"BASIC for students using the IBM PC"

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> So somewhat OT - I've setup an 8 year old w/ an IBM PC XT w/ CGA. To say he
> is less than impressed is understating things :). However, I am determined
> that he will learn basic computer terminology, architecture, history (i.e.
> how we got here) and at least get his feet wet with programming by learning
> BASIC this summer.
> Apparently teaching is not my strong suite - while I can talk about a
> larger
> number of the above topics, especially at his level, organizing them in a
> way to make sense is the problem. I was wondering if anyone could recommend
> a good book that gets the basic stuff out of the way (what is the CPU,
> memory, storage, etc. what are different the parts called, etc.) and maybe
> another one that teaches an intro to BASIC written for a very young reader?
> It would be nice if the book is in the PD or at least available as a PDF
> that way he can read it on his Kindle. However, I am not averse to buying a
> physical new (or used book) either.
> Thanks.
> -Ali

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