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> For some reason Windows computers in Hospital seem especially prone to viral
> infections. 

When I left full-time IT work at the university in 1999, at that time the
wacky network admin used an NT 4 desktop because it was (in his opinion)
the best Windows money could buy and he wouldn't deign to use 98 like the
rest of us hoi polloi. Recall that Windows 2000 wasn't RTM until December
of that year. (I was already notorious for refusing to switch to Microsoft
Outlook; I read my mail on-spool, as God intended, over a terminal window.)

Fast-forward to fall 2003, when I was now a starving medical intern and had
my ob/gyn rotation at the county hospital. The fetal monitoring system
on every bed in the delivery suite was NT 3.51. I could tell at a glance it
had not been updated since the day it was installed.

I pretended not to notice.

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