Omen Technologies

Jay West jwest at
Fri May 27 15:58:20 CDT 2016

I don't know if anyone else has been working this, but at least I have been
following up occasionally with the Omen Technologies owner. Current status
(as of yesterday), she is selling the domain name and looking for "big
bucks", which I suspect "" will probably fetch. She wants that done
first, to make sure that the domain passes hands completely unencumbered
with regards to any other Omen Tech stuff (IP, licenses, etc.). Once that
happens, then she'll look to work on the machine holding the docs/software
that were public facing (it also houses personal/private info that needs to
remain so).


That machine has hardware issues and many passwords are not known. However,
it won't be touched until the domain sells. After that. work will begin.


Just thought some folks might want to know status..





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