Windows use in medical spaces (Re: vintage computers in active use)

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> In the ER, they handed me a tiny tablet (2" x 6"?) and asked me to sign my
> name.
> "Why?"
> "So that we can paste your signature into all of the documents.  Would you
> a copy of the papers that we sign your name to?"
> After that, Windows seems perfectly suited.
> > What would you expect. Properly maintained, managed enterprise and
> > locked down Windows/7 is solid and reliable.
> Until it does an unauthorized "upgrade" to Windoze10.

On an Active Directory domain, such as most corporate users have, it doesn't
quite work like that, and automatic updates to Windows/10 don't happen...

> Turned on the machine one morning, and it told me to wait for updates to
> be configured.   Fortunately, it does save the files for changing it back.

If you wait till its activated and then roll back , you can re-install at a
later date if you so desire.

> The more that I use Windows 7, the less that I dislike it.

I like Windows/7, always have. I am running the rolling Window/10 previews
on this, so it updates frequently, 
Its like the weather in Manchester (UK). If I don't like what it is doing
today a new build will be along soon and it will behave differently...

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