Need Rec: Book to teach about computers and BASIC at an eight year old level

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> > I learned a language called "Logo" first. It was taught by volunteer
> > instructors at a local community center. I was 7, and the minimum age
> > was supposed to be 10, but they let me in anyway. I enjoyed it. It came
> > with a few media functions that made programming more fun since it was
> > pretty easy to make music or games. Plus it was a little less
> > sphghettish than BASIC. There are tons of Logo interpreters and books
> > for kids. I get the feeling it's geared exactly toward teaching
> > children. Everyone loved the turtle.
> I believe you are right and I think Logo used to be taught in schools.
> Unfortunately, I never learned Logo myself. I do have a copy of the IBM Logo
> around here somewhere. I think thought Logo might be a bit too simple.

Logo has this persistent reputation, but it's actually a very complete FP
language even if the syntax is a little stilted. It has a lot in common
with Lisp and it can be considered a true descendant of it.

The problem is few folks use it anymore because of its stereotype as being
strictly pedagogical and it's not well-suited to programming in the large, so
it doesn't give him much room to grow.

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