Need Rec: Book to teach about computers and BASIC at an eight year old level

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Fri May 27 22:00:54 CDT 2016

Speaking of LOGO (and the Terrapin..), I assume PILOT is still around in
some form? Correct me here, but I believe that a +BASIC+ implementation of
PILOT was released for either the VIC-20 (??) or the C-64. I recall typing
it in, back in the early 1980s, just for kicks.

Could that actually have been for the VIC? An admittedly simple (and
restrictive) high-level language coded in CBM BASIC, with like 3K of RAM? =)

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> On 05/27/2016 02:52 PM, Jay West wrote:
> >
> > At the risk of being flamed... I'll mention that if the kid is more
> > visually driven, you might try introducing him to an Arduino Uno or
> > similar. Something he can see the results of his code in lights and
> > dials.
> One of my fondest memories of my long-deceased father was when he took a
> plank of pine and built a 1-tube radio with me.  I think it was a 1G4G
> (triode).  We wound and shellacked the coils.  Earphones and A and B
> batteries.   It was wonderful--and I was hooked.
> I don't know if ARM or AVR BASICs are available, but you can purchase
> one-board MCUs (like the Maple mini) for next to nothing.  I think that
> getting that going with BASIC or any other language would be a great
> adventure for a young boy.
> After all, in a couple of years, he'll be teaching *you* how to use a PC.
> --Chuck

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