Need Rec: Book to teach about computers and BASIC at an eight year old level

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Pilot for the C-64 does sound much more plausible, yes.. And likewise, I
thought it was a very nice idea.

But hm.. other than formatting text, don't both the VIC-20 and C-64 share
the same CBM BASIC version? No reason that PILOT for C-64 couldn't run on
VIC, with enough memory expansion, I'd think?

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> > Speaking of LOGO (and the Terrapin..), I assume PILOT is still around in
> > some form? Correct me here, but I believe that a +BASIC+ implementation
> of
> > PILOT was released for either the VIC-20 (??) or the C-64. I recall
> typing
> > it in, back in the early 1980s, just for kicks.
> >
> > Could that actually have been for the VIC? An admittedly simple (and
> > restrictive) high-level language coded in CBM BASIC, with like 3K of
> RAM? =)
> I dunno about the VIC-20, but COMPUTE! had one for the Commodore 64 which
> overlaid on BASIC. Clever idea I thought at the time.
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