Set of mystery DEC boards: who can help me identifying these?

P Gebhardt p.gebhardt at
Sat May 28 05:51:29 CDT 2016

Hello list,

I recently got a bunch of boards from somebody who was either not able to tell me where they were from.
The boards seem to be unibus-based with numbers starting with X. I neither came across these before, nor could find any information in the web about it:

Type, P/N     , Description
X029, 5013132B, AUC interconnect
X022, 5012197C, unibuswindow
X021, 5012181C, CD ROM control (did that ever exist for unibus?)

X020, 5012180B, data path

Two 16K mos memory modules M7847 came with the set. 

No backplane, unfortunately.
Any hints about the type of system and application these boards were for?
Many thanks for any pointers.

Wish a nice weekend to all of you,


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