AT&T 5620 (Blit/DMD) software

Josh Dersch derschjo at
Sat May 28 21:15:17 CDT 2016

On 5/28/16 2:15 PM, Seth Morabito wrote:
> Hey folks,
> I recently picked up an AT&T 5620 terminal, the WE32K version of the
> Blit, and I've been tracking down software to run on my 3B2.
> It looks like there are two separate packages which provide the
> 'layers' windowing system:
> 1. A package named "AT&T Windowing Utilities", on one floppy disk.
> 2. A package named "DMD Core Utilities 2.0", on a set of three floppy
>     disks.
> The DMD Core Utilities set comes with a lot of demos and source code.
> It installs 'layers' as /usr/dmd/bin/layers.
> The one-disk AT&T Windowing Utilities has no demos, and installs
> 'layers' as /usr/bin/layers.
> Can anyone elaborate on the difference between these two? Are
> they both appropriate to use with the 5620, and should I favor
> the DMD Core Utilities over the AT&T Windowing Utilities? Or
> are they both needed?
> Confused and lacking documentation,
> -Seth

It's been a little while, and my 3B2's not currently powered up, but 
here's what I remember:

You only need one of the two of #1 and #2, but having both doesn't 
hurt.  The DMD Core Utilities is newer and has more fun stuff, and I 
assume the kernel driver is more up-to-date.  They're both appropriate 
for the 5620.

I also have a set of Application and Font disks that go with the Core 
disk set you have.  I've put all the Blit stuff I've managed to track 
down at:

(If you happen to have anything I don't have there, let me know...)

- Josh

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