TI Professional Computer (TIPC) Service Manual?

Martin Peters martin at shackspace.de
Sun May 29 12:42:44 CDT 2016

Hi Al!

Al Kossow:
> On 5/28/16 1:42 PM, Martin Peters wrote:
> > The TIPC is an early, not really compatible clone of the IBM PC 5150. I
> > wonder if I need to do some reengineering and/or disassembling or if
> > there is a service manual out there.
> I bought a copy last year. It doesn't look like I've scanned it yet but I have
> seen it withing the last 6 months, so I'll try to find it.

Thanks. Technical Documentation of the TIPC seems to be rare.

Martin Peters
martin at shackspace.de

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