Fred Cisin cisin at
Sun May 29 19:48:01 CDT 2016

>> Did you have anything to say about it?
>> Or are you just dumping a URL on us?

On Sun, 29 May 2016, Evan Koblentz wrote:
> Oh come on. He didn't do anything wrong. The link is clearly on-topic and 
> directly relevant to our hobby.
> Yeesh.

1) It was formatted as a malware offer, not as a discussion item,
with NO apparent human generated content.
Am I the only one here who receives emails that consist of malware links?

2) I am not reading my email in a web browser.  It is not much difficulty 
to copy the URL into a browser, but I'd like a mention of what it is 
before being told to "go there".

It only takes a few words to explain why we would be interested in it,
and some sign that it is from our friend, not a bot generated spoof to
get people to a hijacked site.   (ransomware upped the stakes on such 

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