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Sun May 29 20:52:19 CDT 2016

On 5/29/2016 5:15 PM, js at wrote:
> Wulf: this link would have worked as well :
> ""
> Tangent: is it true as written that *all* "teletypes speak 5-bit ITA2 
> code <>"?
I actually need to figure if I can use such a setup to be a terminal for 
systems with current loop I/O.  I have a Microdata 1600 with an 
integrated TTY port for the console device, and I'd love to have an 
adapter which had USB serial (and for what it's worth, actual RS232 
serial levels to a connector.

This is from what I see attempting to run a TTY from a system.

As to the second, the tangent the author puts in is wrong, I don't know 
if an ASR33 can run 5 level easily, but all I've ever used are ascii 8 
bit machines.


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