Tektronix 4404 servcie manuals needed

Mattis Lind mattislind at gmail.com
Mon May 30 12:51:48 CDT 2016

2016-05-23 18:57 GMT+02:00 Al Kossow <aek at bitsavers.org>:

> On 5/23/16 9:55 AM, Mattis Lind wrote:
> > OK. I misunderstood. There were no firmware listed in the
> adaptec/firmware
> > directory so I thought this was the problem. I also have the ACB-3530,
> the
> > ACB-4070, some Xebec S1410A and some OMTI bridges if there is a need for
> a
> > firmware dump.
> >
> yea, I should start filling that stuff in. It would be good to get your
> images
> to start that.

I promised dumps of the SCSI bridges that I have. I start with ACB3530 and
ACB4000A which I have nearby. I cannot guarantee that there are no bit rot
in them. The ACB4000A has not been used for ages but the ACB3530 I at least
hooked up with a SCSI host just a few years back.


I think I have the manuals for the ACB4520, ACB4000A and the ACB4070 in
addition to the ones that already are on bitsavers. Unless these are
already digitized somewhere else I could look them up and try to scan them
if there are interest.

BTW. The filename for one file is wrong. It says ACB3350A rather than 3530A.


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