DEC modules in a 4-slot backplane

E. Groenenberg ed at
Tue May 31 03:23:11 CDT 2016

On Mon, May 30, 2016 21:42, Adrian Graham wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Been rummaging in the garage for stuff I'll be exhibiting in the UK in
> July
> and found this:
> It's a 4-slot cage containing:
> M7270 11/03 CPU
> M7944 4K RAM (x2)
> M8027 LP11
> There's a fault label on the M8027 saying it occasionally drops
> characters.
> Question is, anyone know what it was out of?
> Cheers

I believe these were made for the OEM market, I clearly remember ads for
this type of backplane in old electronics magazines, where the ad did
show a hand holding it in the air with some text next to it.
I have a similar backplane, having 8 slots.


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