HP Vectra CS Portable

Swift Griggs swiftgriggs at gmail.com
Tue May 31 17:32:35 CDT 2016


Speaking of the HP Vectra keyboard. This portable Vectra here has a *very* 
similar keyboard to the one that I was mentioned earlier in the keyboard 
thread. I'd imagine it's of the same ilk. 

Something about the design of these old "slab" portables has always been 
interesting to me. I know Dell has made a few "portables" post 2000 that 
are much larger and more of a "portable desktop replacement". I've seen 
them include somewhat-nicer keyboard with laptops to distinguish them (I'm 
thinkin' of the Thinkpad and some HP elite laptops). However, I haven't 
seen any modern machines ('cept luggables) that include "real" keyboards 
like this Vectra, Compaq, and others managed to do in the 80's. 

Also I love this photo. I could write 10 different short stories about 
what is *REALLY* going on this promotional photo:


Manager   = Blaine Jones
Scientist = Janice Thornwinkle

[Scene A] 
Blaine: Once I copy your research to this disk it'll prove that your 
research has no merit. We are probably going to shut the project down.
Janice: Really sir?! We just about cured cancer here!

[Scene B] 
Blaine: I just know you are going to spill some of that blue crap in those 
beakers on this new machine. I bet I can back up all your data on this 
floppy alone. Then I'm taking this laptop back to my office to watch porn. 
It's got CGA, after all. 
Janice: What? No. I never.. I mean... 

[Scene C]
Blaine: Well, since this is your last day. I'll need a copy of that graph.
Janice: Hmm? (I think I could kill him with this mechanical arm thing.)

.... and so forth....


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