Keyboards and the Model M (was Re: NEC ProSpeed 386)

Sean Conner spc at
Tue May 31 18:14:15 CDT 2016

It was thus said that the Great Swift Griggs once stated:
> On Tue, 31 May 2016, Peter Coghlan wrote:
> > > It might be interesting to poll the list to see who's still using an IBM
> > > Model M keyboard on their x86 box.  I am.
> > > Windows key?  What Windows key? ;)
> >
> > x86 box?  What x86 box? ;)
> Hehe, I use my Model M mostly with SGI's that have PS/2 ports. So, I'm 
> right there with you. 

  I only use Model M keyboards.  I have one for my Linux box, one for my
Mac, and one for the office Mac.  I have about five more sitting in the
closet of the home office on standby, and I think I have a box of keyboards
in storage.

  The only Model M I'm upset over not getting [1] is the one with the APL
symbols on the keys.


[1]	I was at a Ham fest about a decade ago and my friend snapped up that
	keyboard before I even saw it.  Grrrrr ...

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