Keyboards and the Model M (was Re: NEC ProSpeed 386)

Chuck Guzis cclist at
Tue May 31 19:10:41 CDT 2016

On 05/31/2016 04:31 PM, Lyndon Nerenberg wrote:

> The only sane modern keyboards are the WASD 'CODE' series.  I have
> the 87 key model:
>  As someone who has spent years pounding on Cybernex XL83, Ann Arbor
> Ambassador, and Courier 3270-clone keyboards, mine feels right at
> home.

One keyboard that I didn't mind using for quite some time was one from
NCR GmhH, for their 286 PC.  Made by Cherry, with F1-F10 down the left
side, where they belong and F11-F32 across the top.   Nice feel, but
lacking "real" F11 and F12 keys--the top row just emits codes for
Ctrl-F1-10 and Alt-F1-10.  Were it not for that, I'd probably still be
using one today.

I used one enough to have worn a visible depression in the space bar
with my right thumb.  I still have a few of the keyboards around.


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