Keyboards and the Model M (was Re: NEC ProSpeed 386)

John Willis chocolatejollis38 at
Tue May 31 21:54:20 CDT 2016

>   I only use Model M keyboards.  I have one for my Linux box, one for my
> Mac, and one for the office Mac.  I have about five more sitting in the
> closet of the home office on standby, and I think I have a box of keyboards
> in storage.

I have a couple of Model M boards, and a Unix layout Unicomp clone (with
Ctrl and caps lock in the right positions).

My favorite by far though is the 5150 and XT 83-key. Much heavier, and the
sound and feel are more to my liking, as well as the left side function
keys. I really want to get an XT to PS/2 adapter and one of those boards
(model F, if memory serves), but prices are so high that other expenses
always seem to take precedence.

I was never bothered in the slightest by the small enter key or the need to
use num lock regularly.

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