Real Mice (was real keyboards ...)

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> On 05/31/2016 06:58 PM, Lyndon Nerenberg wrote:
>> Since we are moaning about real hardware, is there anything available
>> these days that comes even close to the Logitech ergonomic three
>> button mouse from the mid-late 1990s?  The sculpted to fit in your
>> hand model?  Before the scroll wheel abomination had been invented?
>> They were a joy to behold, let alone use.
> Nope--I'd feel lost without a scroll wheel.  I really miss it on the
> older mice that I occasionally use.   Some scroll-wheel mice also employ
> the wheel as a third-button--just push down on it.
> I've been using a Genius PS/2 laser mouse for a few years and like it
> very much.  No "gunk" in the ball issues.
> I have a couple of CH Product trackballs that were ridiculously
> expensive for the time.  They come in handy when there's no room for a
> mouse.
> --Chuck


Agree 100%

Laser mouse is the way to go; the only place for a ball is in a trackball (some of which had 3 buttons IIRC; I'll have to check).

But when there's no room on the desktop for a mouse you can always use your shirt/trousers/whatever for a mouse pad, although some colours don't work very well.. 

As to the scroll-wheel button, in many places it actually replaces the scroll wheel in a way; sort of like Scroll Lock in that once it's activated the mouse moves the screen 'window' up/down AND left/right. Often much quicker than the scroll wheel.

Hmm... my main objection to a trackball is the missing scroll wheel, but if it has three buttons and you could redefine the middle one you wouldn't really need the wheel... will have to check that out.

As to keyboards, I like the M2, buckling springs like the M but lighter and quieter; I do find that I make a lot fewer typos with those.

And of course keyboards and mice have to be cordless ;-)


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