Supercomputers, fishing for information

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Sun Nov 6 11:18:04 CST 2016

> But smaller than the Crays of the era.
> If it doesn't run on 400Hz, it's a 'mini' supercomputer.

Hmmm I knew the earlier Crays often had motor generator setups and such 
but I thoght that was just for power filtering and maybe flywheels for 
ups setups. Didn't know they were 400hz! Odd!

> CHM was really into collecting this sort of iron in the late 90's
> as they were all getting scrapped.

Don't know that person off the top of my head. I owned a Maspar MP2 at one 
point (small!) and have owned some Cray J90 series (heavy.) I still think 
large SGIs are the friendly "supercomputer." In my travels there is a guy 
named James who has/had a verrrrry nice Cray collection. Haven't talked to 
him in a few years though hope he is doing well. He had some of the 6000 
pounders IIRC.

Ethan O'Toole

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