What the heck is the deal with this eBay item

Ali cctalk at ibm51xx.net
Thu Nov 10 12:53:25 CST 2016

>I suspect that Mr. 434 didn't know
> what he / she was dealing with and was lucky not to lose > 202.50 worth
> of their money and a lot of time.
> thanks
> Jim

Time maybe, money no. This is the one reason eBay stays in business and people spend money there. You are basically guaranteed not to get screwed as a buyer - the same can't be said at many of the other sites (e.g. Etsy). This is also why sellers won't leave eBay because the buyers are not willing to go to a site w/ no guarantees, drop a wad of cash, and hope the seller delivers! Sellers can complain as much as they want but the truth is the eBay model allows and encourages bigger bids/higher selling prices.


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