NCD Explora Pro (was Re: NCD19 / Xncd19)

Pete Turnbull pete at
Tue Nov 15 16:25:32 CST 2016

On 15/11/2016 20:54, Jay West wrote:
> Chris wrote... -------- I have a Raspberry Pi 3 with a USB Ethernet
> dongle that it’s plugged into, but I can’t remember how to use ARP on
> an isolated network to find the IP address of the other system. If
> anyone has any pointers, I’d definitely appreciate them. --------
> As I recall, ping the broadcast address, then "arp -a".

That's pretty much it - but it  assumes (1) the device is actually using 
an IP address, and (2) it's on the same subnet, otherwise ping won't 
help.  There's a utility called arping (like ping, but for MAC 
addresses) but it won't tell you the IP address.   The only other 
possibility I can think of is if it uses DHCP (or more likely bootp) to 
try to get an address, you could snoop on that.

Pete Turnbull

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