Membership disabled due to bounces

Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Wed Nov 23 17:53:26 CST 2016

> Gmail is only the single most reliable mail provider in the world, and bounc$

Reliable?  Maybe.  There _are_ a few things I count on it for.
(Antisocial things, but if reliability per se is your goodness

If you really feel so strongly about it that you're willing to (by
implication) say Jay's system is lying about seeing bounces, maybe
you'd be happier just unsubbing?

I long ago configured my mailer to silently drop mail from classiccmp
lists it would normally bounce (such as mail claiming to be 8859-1 but
containing octets outside the 8859-1 printable range, to pick one
simple example), and I can't recall ever seeing my listmembership
disabled since that, certainly not "every couple of weeks".

This all leads me to doubt your "bounces never happen" claim.  What is
your basis for it?

I'm tempted to also suggest you configure your mailer the way I did
mine, but I'm inclined to suspect gmail isn't civilized enough to
provide that level of control.

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