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Richard Loken rlloken at
Wed Nov 23 23:43:37 CST 2016

On Thu, 24 Nov 2016, John H. Reinhardt wrote:

> I was thinking of changing my email to another provider even though I've had 
> this one for at least 12 years.  But if it's because of a configuration 
> problem, then other providers may react the same way so will it do any good?

I doubt that changing your email provider will help.

My mail is constantly being disabled now that I am using my ISP address
but it wasn't while I was using my work email address but I think that
is a coincidence - the problem did not manifest itself until a few
weeks after I changed my email address.

By the way, I am my employer's email administrator and I know that I was
not doing anything special to make the email go through - no spf records,
no nothing.

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