Membership disabled due to bounces

jim stephens jwsmail at
Fri Nov 25 00:45:49 CST 2016

 From chocolate...

"Gmail is only the single most reliable mail provider in the world, and 
bounces never happen."

On 11/23/2016 5:02 PM, Cameron Kaiser wrote:
> >Do we have any evidence that his messages are affecting the rest of us,
> >though?
The thread about email to AOL is not on topic to the original post. The 
original topic is ezwind / classiccmp emails going to and 
whether it was not failing, therefore it must be the mailing list 
processors fault.

I subscribe at both my own domain, as well as an archival copy on my 
gmail account, which I seldom reference.  I did also have a bounce 
disable today when I went and looked.  It did not unsubscribe me, but 
had the link to do the re-enable.

I went to the user page, and found no link to get a bounce profile / 
count for my id or anything as someone mentioned to attempt to help.  
Where is that?  I'd check that if i could see what the failures are and 
adjust if I could.

I've not been unsubscribed, but disabled, and though annoying, and 
considering that the list is a labor of love, I'm not complaining, just 
helping.  Please keep that in mind, or it may go away. Infinite patience 
on the part of providers of truly free services may not exist.  Glad to 
have what we have when we have it to chat here.

I do see a number of gmail disables here, perhaps the logs aren't so 
huge that that the bounces for the gmail bounces might be something to 
diagnose the problem if we just let someone get back from holiday and 
look at it.

Mean time, my main email didn't disable, and I have this thread and am 
responding from there.

As to how everyone has their email clients / processors set up, that is 
something that they or their providers are responsible for, not the list.

A friend of mine hosts my domain on a system with the network presence 
for the domain on it, and has had it, and both DNS and the email service 
have failed completely a couple of times in the last 6 months.  Neither 
time caused a bounce or unsubscribe.  The list emails were held probably 
from ezwind when it could finally contact our domains again, and I then 
received several thousand emails (because I get all emails for my 
domains in one bucket, which I filter).

I am not an email expert (which is why I won't volunteer to do much 
here), but the failure mode which occurs when the sender or an 
intermediate relay holds the email apparently holds the emails for some 
period was probably triggered, rather than just an instant bounce.  Also 
he does maintain a second system on a different ISP for this system, but 
the failure took out both systems.

Myy last unsub was on Nov 8 on gmail, now Nov 23


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