Thanksgiving Day

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> On 11/24/2016 01:51 PM, Murray McCullough wrote:
> > I wanted to wish all American readers of this list a very happy
> > Thanksgiving Day from a reader in Canada. Reading 'Classic
> > Computing' still plays an important part in my appreciation of the
> > role of computers from earlier years in why I still enjoy working
> > with computers. Happy computing. Murray  :)
> >
> Murry, I'm sorry that we forgot to pre-empt your wishes on October 9.  I
> did wish some of my Canadian friends happy returns for the day then,
> however.
> I'm a bit giddy right now--the pies are done, the other dishes are
> cooked and tastes and the bird's in the oven.  Short of the dog getting
> into the feast, I think I'm home free. (You can tell who does the
> cooking in our house).
> I imagine that some have already hit the stores and others are settling
> down for an evening of football...
> --Chuck

I had an unexpectedly delightful experience: I was at my local pub and the
power went out.  It resulted in a wonderful sense of community in
''adversity" (we had emergency lighting and the bar maid brought out
numerous candles) and made this one of the best Thanksgiving experiences
I've ever had.  And all my computer work (document editing) was local.  All
good!  -- Ian

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