DEC M9312 Configs for a 11/40

william degnan billdegnan at
Sat Nov 26 11:56:53 CST 2016

Hi all...I am hoping there is someone here who has an 11/40 or 11/35 and a
M9312 ROM terminator card.  I'd like to know how you have yours jumpered.

I took photos of the jumpers installed in my M9312:

Here is the page from the manual that describes jumpers per UNIBUS system

1) Yes or no - Did I correctly identify the location of W8?

2) Yes or no - Should W8 be in for am 11 40/25/10/05 or is the /40 special?

Here is the issue....when I jumper W8 the CPU can do very little and I
cannot activate the CONSOLE ROM.  I put in posts into what I believe is W8
so I can switch back and forth without having to re-solder.  With W8 out
the system works better, and I can at least get to the CONSOLE prompt.
Looking for opinions as to whether my card is correctly configured.  I am
trying to determine why I can't bootstrap and run a TU58 nor RL11, yet I
can load and run BASIC just fine.   I think I may have a UNIBUS problem OR
a CPU card problem, but I can't load XXDP either to determine for sure.

There are more problems, I can't bootstrap the RL11 nor TU58 manually
either, I am working through everything CPU and UNIBUS too.

Is there a complete XXDP tape that I can download from PDPGUI?  I found
TU58 image but I can't get the TU58em emulator to work yet.   If I could
just figure out why I can load BASIC and not RL02 RT11 I'd make my day.



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