Thinking about acquiring PDP stuff

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> Argument goes both ways.  Does anyone really do practical things with any ho$

Depends on how you define "practical" and "home computer".

My home network includes a SPARCstation-20, which is my main head (I'm
typing this message using it to handle keyboard and screen).  I don't
think there's any question that the SS20 is on-topic, but is it a "home
computer"?  I think of it and treat it that way, but it was never aimed
at that market by its maker and it differs in some drastic and
fundamental ways from most machines that were.

As for practical, well, it's the HCI in front of almost everything I do
at home, including work-from-home stuff....

And I have another SS20 with a qec in it, which I recently used to
regain some semblance of connectivity when my house DSL decided to die
on me (it took multiple days for it to get fixed, for a variety of
reasons).  It sat on my house network with one of the qe ports
connected to a friend who had mass-market connectivity; I set up an
instance of my cloud VPN on it and it did its job well, passing packets
between my house network and my machines on the outside.  That
certainly counts as practical to me.

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