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>> Ohhhh, I see.    Now that makes sense -- Thanks, Al.    But, like
>> airplanes and boats, this looks like only a rich person's game.
> Sigh.  There was a time when I was in this old computer stuff to help
> out people who were trying to do something or retrieve otherwise lost
> information.
> The game has changed, obviously.  We are in an era now when folks with
> too much money and spare time and narcissism want to buy and sell and
> display toys rather than play with them.
> Looks like it's time to get out of this racket.
> --Chuck

Yeh. Once we started seeing Classical Computers that could be considered
'investment grade', prices just got ridiculous for everything.  Everyone
with an old computer in their closet started seeing dollar-signs.

And before I get castigated by those whose position is: "Well, if you cant stand the heat...." I'll remind everyone that its (former) affordability
was part of the enjoyment factor of our hobby.


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