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>>>> But, like airplanes and boats, this looks like only a rich person's
>>>> game.
>>> ...
>>> The game has changed, obviously.  We are in an era now when folks with
>>> too much money and spare time and narcissism want to buy and sell and
>>> display toys rather than play with them.
>>> Looks like it's time to get out of this racket.
>>> --Chuck
>> Yeh. Once we started seeing Classical Computers that could be considered
>> 'investment grade', prices just got ridiculous for everything.  Everyone
>> with an old computer in their closet started seeing dollar-signs.
>  From where I sit, the big prices seem
> mostly centered around Apple 1's and
> this Twiggy Lisa.  Have any other
> computers have gone astronomical like these?
> - J.

Maybe not astronomical, but most of the systems I'm interested in, anyways,
are almost always outside my price range.  A good example: I bought my
first ss-50 machine for $50.  That's $116 in today's money.  Not lunch
money, but not out of reach.  Try to buy an SS-50 today (like say, an
SwTPc 6800 or similar).  You can't SMELL one for under $600-800, and 
more likely you're going to have to pony up a grand or more.

I tried to buy a PDP-11/23 on Craigslist.  "Make offer" the ad said.
I made an offer. No response. No "no thank you" or "I was really hoping
to get $________".  Nothing.  Make another offer, still nothing.  A week
goes by, and I'm looking at e-pay.  The EXACT SAME machine is now listed.
Opening bid was $100.  I didn't bid; there are too many people playing
games like this....

So, it's not 'astronomical' just out of reach.  If I didn't still have
a bunch of stuff I acquired when it was still all reasonably priced, I likely wouldn't bother.....  


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