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> Js wrote...
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> Ok, you just gave a bunch of reasons why they're even more worthless than
> originally thought, and why people bidding on them have clearly lost their
> marbles.  :)
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> I think it's called supply and demand :) Both ebb and flow over time, so
> time to time the stars align and prices reflect that. Some machines that
> to be worth a lot I've seen drop radically in price. Often the price gets
> up. I remember almost a decade ago HP 200LX devices consistently going for
> $300. Nowadays you're lucky to get $100, if it sells at all. I also
remember HP
> 2100A/S boxes going for about $200, and lately it's more like $1500-$2000.
> don't understand getting worried about the prices, they will always
> If the prices are such a concern, not sure why I haven't gotten a single
> about (likely) free gear in NH. Ya can't give stuff away :P
> The trick is - before you list a machine on ebay, get a good technical
> conversation started here on the list about them. Then post your ebay ad
> one ;)
> I remember getting my first real system - a PDP-8E with TU56, PC04, and
> TU10. Not only did a fellow collector give it to me for free, he drove
> to ensure it got a good home. I have repeated that type of gift often and
> recently. That's not to say that one or two of my machines won't end up on
> ebay some day - but the vast majority will be given/traded away to fellow
> collectors. 

I have tried to follow much the same principle. Most of the stuff I have has
been given to me for free, and if I pass it on I make a point of giving it
away for free too. I don't apply the same rule if I had to buy the gear, but
really there has not been too much of that. If I made a significant effort
to get a machine (travel or shipping wise) which I don't particularly want
to keep but just want to be sure is not scrapped, then I may ask for a
contribution towards those costs.

> Besides, I have a new theory. No new machines are ever found,
> we all just keep trading ownership of them amongst ourselves, sometimes
> with the same machine coming back years later!
> J

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