pinouts for LH Research Super-Mite and Mighty-Mite-A sense connectors

Al Kossow aek at
Sun Oct 2 22:53:27 CDT 2016

I'm working on documenting these supplies, since there seems to be almost nothing on them on
the web of use. There is a list of what is on the 9 pin molex on the SM, but no actual pinout.
Same for the 15 pin D on the MMA, but at least there are enough pictures around to be able to
assume the sense lines are on 1 and 2.

The general form of the part numbers for them starts with 2 or 3 letters (TM,MM,MMA,SM) a rough
power rating code (1-7) and the number of outputs (1-5) a dash, then model number probably encoding
supply outputs/amps. This is based on looking at a bunch of eBay pictures.

They want waaaay too much money for them on there.

This all started because I need to fix the MM72s for the Alto. I got the four I took a look at
fixed by replacing all of the 19000uF/7.5v caps. All of them were dried out. Not a huge surprise
since they were from around 1978. Measured the rest of the caps in them with an in circuit
capacitance/ESR meter and they were all reasonable, even the 1400uf/200v ones, which I had some
spares for, but are much harder to find in the right size than the 19mF ones.

Switching supplies from the mid 70's are NOISY (10-20mV on all four supplies)

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