ka... ching!

Ali cctalk at ibm51xx.net
Mon Oct 3 10:28:50 CDT 2016

> Wow... I had an A3000 at VCFmw 2015 for sale at my table, plugged in
> and operational (not dead from Varta leakage) and was asking $375 with
> a GG2 Bus+ card included.  Two interested parties, one was shopping for
> a friend who decided not to go ahead with the sale, the other tried to
> talk me down to $250.  I did not sell the machine.
> I'm not surprised that someone would _ask_ EUR800, but are they
> *getting* it?

And just like that the price of the A3000 goes up. :) Although, to be fair though it seems that things do sell for more overseas. I've always chucked it up to a lack of supply but that really would not explain the Amiga. I would think they would be more plentiful in Europe...


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