Göran Axelsson axelsson at
Mon Oct 3 16:24:20 CDT 2016

Den 2016-10-02 kl. 16:04, skrev Noel Chiappa:
> Any collectors of early Datapoint machines out there on the list?

I got a DP2200 version I with serial memory, missing pieces and screen 
rot. I got it in my teens, 30-35 years ago and along the way I picked 
off some pieces. The most visible things the keyboard (25 years ago) and 
the cover (10 years ago), then I realized just in time what I had before 
tossing it out as scrap. My plan is sometime to take the time to get it 
running again.

To my help I got...

Another DP2200 version II with random access memory, screenrot and one 
broken key but otherwise complete. It got issues with the power supply 
but is probably not too far from running condition.

Anyone got a spare keyboard?  :-)


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