mc68010+mc68451 Unix source?

Al Kossow aek at
Mon Oct 3 21:21:13 CDT 2016

the will probably be 68000

unisoft kernels i've used weren't 010 with the 451

i'll have to dig around for what bits of the 451 kernel i still
have around. unisoft kept the mmu parts pretty well isolated since
the did so many hw ports

On 10/3/16 5:53 PM, Ken Seefried wrote:
> I've got a half dozen different source trees for mc680x0 Unixen, but
> nothing for an mc68010 CPU + mc68451 MMU.  I know Unisoft did some.  I
> don't know if the Motorola ports (like for the VME/10) were Unisoft or
> done internally.
> Did any '010+'451 source trees survive to escape into the wild?
> KJ

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