Getting Ready to the NeXT Adventure at SMECC

Tue Oct 4 04:46:02 CDT 2016

Getting Ready to the NeXT Adventure at SMECC
Found some of the boxes of cables, the  mouse, trays for the laser printer. 
Another  crate had these slipcases with  lots of  8x11 NeXT Manuals  in 
them... In addition there  are   CDs

Located the  CUBE, the Monitor and  Keyboard need to find  where the 
printer is. I know it is  there!

A couple weeks back I was given a copy of "Steve Jobs & the Next Big  
Thing" and started reading it. Very Interesting although it  was   done  before  
apple got jobs back and  from what I see in other  sources adapted the NeXT 
software to be OS-X. 

I would  interested in hearing  from the  group to  how  accurate they 
consider this book.

I am also interested an any suggestions  how  I handle the  initial power 
up...  this  whole machine is a new thing to me  as Macs and NeXT  are  
systems  I never  used   back in the 'the day'

Any advice on or off list  appreciated! 

After  I get it   running, assuming it  will  I  will  set it in the  
display area and  will need to  look  for  some colorful advertising stuff to   
help  decorate the display.  If is totally roached and will not fire up then 
I  guess it becomes a static  display ( until some other parts units   show 

Thanks  Ed#  _www.smecc,org_ (http://www.smecc,org)  

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