Looking for professional packaging in Stanford

Camiel Vanderhoeven iamcamiel at gmail.com
Sat Oct 1 03:28:15 CDT 2016

I'm working on getting a shipment of some 1980's computer equipment
from Stanford, CA to the Netherlands arranged. I've sorted out the
pickup, shipping, and delivery part of it, but the systems will need
to be palletized prior to pickup. So, I'm looking for someone, or a
business, in the area that can go to the location where the systems
are with 5 40"x48" pallets and other packaging materials, and then
load the cabinets (up to 500 lbs each) onto the pallets, cover them
with which corrugated cardboard, secure them to the pallets with
straps, and put shrink-wrap all around it.

Recommendations for this kind of service are most welcome. Suggestions
for alternate packaging options are also welcome.

Kind regards,

Camiel Vanderhoeven

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