DEC 3000 model 400 memory

Jason Howe jason at
Wed Oct 5 01:39:52 CDT 2016

On Tue, 4 Oct 2016, Cody Swanson wrote:

> A generous list member gifted me a DEC 3000 model 400 early alpha system. This is my first alpha and I'm excited to play around with VMS and Tru64 however he warned me that it was having some memory issues when he retired it several years ago. It does indeed appear to have some bad ram. I'm wondering if anyone on the list has memory modules they'd be willing to part with.
Assuming this DEC 3000 is the model with the memory daughter boards 
populated with endless rows of (expensive and hard to find) proprietary 
100 pin SIMMs,yes I have some extra memory and daughter boards.

Though wikipedia tells me that the 400 model only has two such daughter 
boards, for a total of 8 sticks.

For comparison, inside my 3000 700:

A couple of fully populated daughter boards:

I have to grab them from the garage, but I'm pretty sure I have a couple 
fully populated daughter boards ready to go, though I don't remember the 
capacty of the sticks that are in there.  I do remember, that the way the 
SIMMs are banked is counter-intuitive, so be sure to read the 
docs as you swap memory round.

Anyway, I'm happy to send them to you for testing.  If they solve your problem,
  we can work something out.


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