Any updates on the 3b2 emulator?

Seth Morabito lists+cctalk at
Wed Oct 5 14:15:59 CDT 2016

* On Tue, Oct 04, 2016 at 12:16:30AM -0500, Jerry Kemp <other at> wrote:
> Hello Seth,
> Its been a few months, and I am wondering if the 3b2 emulator project is
> still moving forward, or put on the back burner for now?
> Thanks for any updates,
> Jerry

Hi Jerry and the list,

Unfortunately, it's been back-burnered for now. The key factor in
deciding to postpone work on it is simply a lack of documentation.
There was far too much guesswork involved in the emulator. If only I
had some kind of description of the architecture -- even a block
diagram that included interrupt sources would help -- I think I could
have made it further.

As it is, it almost half boots. Not bad for pure guesswork and reverse
engineering from SVR3 source code, but not good enough to be usable.

Seth Morabito
seth at

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