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Fri Oct 7 22:45:49 CDT 2016

90 mm f 2 summacron was a great lens!
wish I had one back  for our  M2.
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> Leicas dumpstered?    OMG !?
> oh.... the  humanity!!!!!!!

M2 AND M3,  with marvelous lenses.  CHead had promised me the Summicrons, 
which I  have always dreamed of having.
I found 2 cases that the dumpsterers missed,  containing a mint 2-1/4x3-1/4 
Graflex and lenses, and a Visoflex  Tele-Elmarit with serious cosmetic 
damage due to the foam  deteriorating.  When it became clear that the rest 
were gone, I did a  quick sale of the Tele-Elmarit for $1000, kept a 47mm 
Super-Angulon  (almost fills 4x5!), and gave the Graflex with the rest of 
its lenses to  another of CHead's friends who wanted to learn what HE 
considered "large  format".  I'm currently playing with swings and tilts 
with the Super  Angulon on a Hama/Kenlock/Spiratone bellows as a miniature 
technical  camera.

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