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william degnan billdegnan at
Sat Oct 8 08:49:43 CDT 2016

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> This goes quintuply for an original GTO, at $50M. One could do all sorts of
> amazing things with that much money. Is having an original _really_ worth
> as
> much (or more) than all those other things? Like I said, a certain level of
> irrationality.
>         Noel

Save your money yes, but then you don't have the original.  Your confusing
people like you and I who actually want to work with the "environment" vs
those who are into collecting but are not technical enough to do the actual
repairs.  If you want to host your very own tier 1 (Apple) computer museum
including all of the important well-known original machines, you need a
Lisa with Twiggy drives.   You pay people to do the restoration for you.  I
believe there are a few persons who are both rich and have or plan to
launch (micro-mostly) computing museums and private collections driving
these prices.  It's a nice legacy to leave behind a computer museum.  Along
the lines of an art museum that is.  I could think of worse things to leave
humanity if you have the funds to do so.  For these people $20,000
inconsequential when you think of people buying $10,000,000 Monet and
Picasso pieces

Others buy this stuff know exactly what they're doing and they're
investing.  How many of these Apple I's have traded hands in the past 10
years?   I bet there are a few who made pretty pennies wisely buying and
selling.    I had the chance once to buy an Apple I for $25,000 but I
thought that was crazy at the time.  Now look.  Who is to say that the Lisa
will not hit $100,000 some time in the next 10 years?  Even if the prices
crash eventually by then it will not matter the smart ones would have
departed like stock traders who know when to sell.  The end result - all
Lisas and Apple I's will have found their way to the high-end collectors
and museums.


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