Twiggys [was: Re: ka... ching!]

Sat Oct 8 13:58:25 CDT 2016

Right on...  The  most important thing is.... IS THE OBJECT BEING  SAVED?
Even if  you restore something today it will be  crap in another  50 years 
If  you do not  restore it now it  will run like crap  too.
SO... in 50 years  both are equal.. they will both run like  crap  no 
matter if  restored now or  not.
The only caveat  to the above examples  is in ANY and  EVERY case make sure 
the old batteries are out of it!
And lastly... usually the people that   raise the most   protest 'about 
something not being used'  are those that  do not have  one.   Draw  your own 
In a message dated 10/8/2016 9:46:04 A.M. US Mountain  

>   Just like the car collecting, comic book  collection and just about 
most other hobbies when they mature.   The  same type of people who complained 
about the price of an Xmen#1 because people  would just buy and display them 
and not read them, complain when someone buys  an ALTAIR to sit on their 
desk and doesn't turn it on.   Better that  than the garbage heap, without 
money coming into our hobby it would eventually  die out and many artifacts 
would be lost to the  dump.

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