Magnetic media FTGH!

Rob Jarratt robert.jarratt at
Sat Oct 8 15:36:47 CDT 2016

<snipped the bulk of the email as some people don't like replies with
lengthy quotes and others don't like top posting>

> This is all in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  In general, I suck at getting
> shipped; local pickup, either in person or by proxy, is much preferred.  I
> try to find the round tuits to ship, but it's usually a losing proposition
(I have
> at least two boxes of stuff that have been awaiting shipment for months at
> this point).
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I think the Ultrix and FORTRAN tapes have got to be worth saving whatever
happens, and possibly the MicroVMS ones too, even though it appears the
latter may have been overwritten. Sadly I am in the UK and don't have a
proxy in Ottawa, but please don't get rid of those particular media without
giving someone the opportunity to image them.



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