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> On 10/8/2016 6:06 AM, Corey Cohen wrote:
>> ...
>> So does this mean you should hoard everything you have until the price
>> goes up?  I don't have a crystal ball to tell you what is the next item of
>> value.  Who knew that a movie about the Tucker automobile would make a
>> Tucker one of the most desirable cars to a rare car collector.
> Nice post, but not everyone is in to old computers for future potential
> investment value.  The thought never even occurred to me when I was
> acquiring the machines I have, I don't care what their value is or becomes,
> and the sight of hoarders doing so to hit upon some jackpot kind sickens my
> stomach.  I just have a severe aversion to all forms of greed.

I was talking to a non-collector acquaintance just a few minutes ago who
asked whether I was going to sell my TeleVideo TPC-I now that it works.
For a moment I thought he'd lapsed into a foreign language....

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