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Everybody has something they do to chill out, some drink or jog, or play 

Anyway my first computers in the 80's were for gaming (Timex 2068 and then a 
C64). Both were cheap systems. I went to a 286 for school work and since I 
sold the C64 to help pay for it I did some gaming on it. Most of my computer 
upgrades in the 90's were for added speed in whatever apps I was using and 
it also helped with gaming. There was a point where I started upgrading just 
for gaming and that ended mostly around 2000 where I started falling behind 
the bleeding edge curve. I don't really care for new games but I do play the 
old ones.

Everybody collects different things for different reasons, but quite a bit 
of the 286-Pentiums end up being snagged for gaming. I think I am one of the 
few people who bother with vintage application software for old systems 
purchased for non gaming reasons.

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That's probably why I'm borderline loony in my old age--I never bothered
to detox.

Still don't.  Playing a computer game is about as entertaining to me as
putting my money into an online slot machine.


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