Twiggys [was: Re: ka... ching!]

Chuck Guzis cclist at
Sat Oct 8 22:26:05 CDT 2016

On 10/08/2016 07:00 PM, Brad H wrote:

> When I was a kid we had the IBM PCjr through PS/2.  Concurrently I
> had my own Commodore 64.  Up until we got our AT, the Commodore was
> the game machine.  

I suspect that you might have put your finger on the nub of it all.  I
did not have any familiarity with computers in either elementary school
or high school.   I finally got to use a computer in college, but it was
all punch cards and I/O clerks.  Classes needing computation were taught
using a slide rule.

So computers were not part of my formative years and that's perhaps why
I don't see the attraction of computer games--or Twitter, for that matter.


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