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Sun Oct 9 12:58:00 CDT 2016

no real interest in  playing games though the curiously of    seeing  star 
trek game on  friends  Digital Group Computer   ( had little screen in the 
front of it... I want  one  for SMECC   display  working or  not)
group and  getting a baudot   teletype  model 14  lead to me starting a  
computer  company  in 1979...
The big and best  game for me was THE HARDWARE  and   running  timeshare 
systems  ) hp-2000 then  later  hp-3000  later   also became  full line  
Independent HP PC  products  dealer.... but  that  was  just selling  stuff   not 
 the  feel of  thrill and adventure   the  other  phases  had!
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>  > Find better games :)
> Nope, not even.  Has as much  appeal as base jumping.  I'd rather be

I think I'm with you on  this one. The only computer games I find even
mildly interesting are ones  that involve thought and/or hackery to
complete. I found the HP67 Games Pac  (A set of programs for a 
handheld calculator with a numeric display) to be  much more
entertaining than anything on a modern console.

But even  so, I even enjoy those games that much. Relaxation for
me is reading the  service manual for something I don't own,
figuring out what the schematics  really mean, etc. Or mindlessly
stuffing a PCB.  


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