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>> Still don't. Playing a computer game is about as entertaining to me
>> as putting my money into an online slot machine.
> Find better games :)

Heh.  Not everybody thinks the same way, and some people just don't
react to games the way you (or I) do.

> The theme of this list means that I should recommend some retro games
> and gaming systems, but those old games generally lacked depth and
> tried to cover it up by making the game insanely difficult and
> relying on extremely good timing and motor skills.

To a point, perhaps.  But some of the old games were just _good_.  My
own favourite is Tempest, one of the few colour vector games.  24
_kilo_bytes for the entire game, and it's still one of the most
engaging games I've ever played.

> I rather enjoyed the two Portal games,

Me too - well, the first one; I think I haven't played the second.  But
I like puzzle games.  I also greatly enjoyed Swapper - the first new
game mechanic I'd seen since Portal, and its author(s?) built a highly
engaging puzzle game around it.

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