VCF Midwest 11 Videos!

Jason T silent700 at
Mon Oct 10 16:03:20 CDT 2016

I am pleased to announce that the full lot of speaker videos from this
year's Vintage Computer Festival Midwest have been posted to our
YouTube channel.  There is a play list of this year's videos here:

In addition to the fine lineup of speakers, there is a 7.5 minute
"highlight reel" showing many of the varied demos and displays, along
with some nice stop-motion footage of the crowd at various times of
the day.  The direct link for that is here:

Although he is not on this list, I want to thank our full-time "A/V
nerd," Jim Leonard (AKA Trixter, who
handled all aspects of production, from manning the camera and mixer
during the talks and clipping the lav mic on the speakers to his
expert editing and production of all the footage.  The highlight reel
was his idea, too :)

We're really proud of our interesting, diverse set of presentations
this year, as well as having kicked the production quality of our
videos up quite a few notches.  We hope you find something of interest
among them.


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