Any Kryoflux, Discferret, Catweasel, or other floppy flux images wanted

Al Kossow aek at
Mon Oct 10 16:41:22 CDT 2016

I see a CW 4 and Discferret sitting on my bench, along with a Supercard Pro.

I've got a dead CW 3 and a working one ..somewhere that I wanted to do A/B
comparisons with.

Eric, I had been trying to find time to set up the diskferret, since that
was what you originally asked for, but I can more easily do CW right now,
though I should go through the exercise of getting it running under Linux,
which is a pain because they stole someone elses PCI ID for the card, so
you have to blacklist the other device.

Do you have a prefered CW transition image format?

On 10/10/16 2:20 PM, Kurt K wrote:
> Anyone know how you can locate a Discferret and Catweasel?  

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